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Chardonnay香檳在匈牙利語中被稱為“La Bulle”或“The Bubble”,按照法國傳統,採用Méthode Traditionnelle工藝釀造,即在瓶中發酵並熟成19個月。最終呈現出濃郁的珍珠味、是優雅的干型香檳,其風味世界最能與法國氣泡酒相媲美。

Our Chardonnay champagne "La Bulle", which is called

"The bubble" in Hungarian was prepared according to French traditions by the Méthode Traditionnelle procedure, i.e. fermented in bottles and aged on a broom for 19 months.

The end result was an elegant, brut champagne with rich pearles, whose taste is mostly similar to the French Crémant.

Pajzos Tokaj La Bulle 2020

SKU: HU001
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