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About Us

Vinoholic represents Hong Kong’s most dynamic portfolio of great value for money wines. 



Formed by a team of passionate Vinoholics with many years of experience in marketing, media relation and global logistic, Vinoholic handpicked a small number of like-minded, high-quality wineries that bring a range of authentic and regionally expressive wines from countries around the world to you. 



With a diverse collection of styles and varietals, there is a Vinoholic wine for everyone and every occasion!

Rose Wine Glasses

Our Vision


Our Mission


Drinking Wine
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Vincent Lam photo

Vincent Lam

。WSET® Level 4 Diploma in Wines


。英國 IWSC 及奥地利 AWC評審員



Michael Leung

。WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines


西班牙有一諺語:「好酒傷荷包,壞酒傷肚皮。」但Vinoholic 相信好酒不一定會傷荷包。抵飲又不貴的酒不是無,但要慢慢揾,慢慢試,世界上這麼多酒,問誰有這個時間去揀。

Our Founders

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