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AOC Graves, Bordeaux


馬丁酒莊潛力巨大,其釀造工藝是在祖傳工藝方面進行的。確實,在嚴格挑選果汁後,這款出色的干白葡萄酒已經在新的橡木桶中成熟並陳釀。 葡萄酒留在酒糟中,酒糟每週攪拌兩次,並產生二次香氣。


The Château Martin Blanc has a very good potential and the vinification is made in the respect of ancestral technics Indeed, this outstanding dry white wine has been matures and aged in new oak barrels after a strict juice selection. The wine is left on its lees which are stirred twice a week and encourages secondary aromas.  

Its great success is due to its very dry and distinguished character enhanced by a refreshing and fruity taste matching very well with all kind of seafood. 

Château Martin Blanc 2016

SKU: FR029
  • Chateau Martin

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