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葡萄種類:Ribolla Gialla
酒精 : 12度
表現: 外觀上淡檸檬⾊並帶有綠⾊反光;能夠聞到香氣濃郁的柑橘類⽔果、⽩⾊⽔果和花香,並帶有礦物味。入⼝⼝感細膩清爽,柔滑,能感受到蘋果和野草莓的味道。
這款酒非常清爽和富有礦物味, 口感柔滑,餘韻充滿着意大利陳醋香味。非常適合作為開胃酒,也可搭配魚類菜肴或任何蔬菜。


Grapes:Ribolla Gialla
Alcohol : 12%vol

Region:Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Serve at: 10-12° C
Tasting Notes: Pale lemon colour with greenish highlights; This wine on the nose is intense and mineral, with citrus fruits, white fruits and floral aromas. Delicate and refreshing on the palate, with a creamy texture and more flavours like apple and wild strawberry. A nice sapidity and balsamic notes in the end.
This wine is very refreshing and mineral, great as aperitif and also paired with fish dishes or any vegetables. A must try as well with soft cheeses.

Tenimenti Civa Ronc Zoiis Ribolla Gialla

SKU: IT032
  • Tenimenti Civa

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