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“Riondo Millesimato Prosecco is an Extra Dry Spumante, rich and elegant with scents of ripe Golden Delicious apple, acacia and wisteria blossom. Fresh and creamy on the palate with a pleasant silky finish.” (Gold Medal)


這款特級乾性Spumante,成熟的金冠蘋果香風聞撲鼻,濃郁又優雅,帶有一絲絲相思花和紫藤花的香氣。 口感清新滑膩,柔滑如絲。

Riondo Millesimato Extra Dry 2017

SKU: IT006
  • This historical brand and origin of the name of the Company itself, is a tribute to Monte Riondo, a small, rounded hill located a short distance from the main headquarters of Cantine Riondo. Riondo is the main brand of the Company and is dedicated to DOC, full-bodied varietal wines from Veneto region. The “Collezione” line is made with particular care and exclusively dedicated to a selection of sparkling wines for the on-trade.

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