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產品資料 :

產地 : 意大利, 維洛那 (Verona)

葡萄品種: Corvina, Rondinella, Corvinone 及其他

容量 : 750ml

酒精度(%VOL): 15% vol

甜度: Dry


Amarone :

葡萄會進行最少100日的風干程序才釀製成酒,入口後可感受到非常濃郁既紅果味, 有, Oaky, mushroom, dried fruits 等等既陳年味道, 可以立即享受,但亦非常有陳年價值(10 - 15年最佳)


表現 :

Riondo Amarone是一款酒體雅緻的紅酒,香氣複雜多變化,帶有肉桂、櫻桃果醬和合桃香氣。入口酒體濃厚、成熟,口感飽滿,帶有成熟的黑櫻桃、香草和咖啡味。這一款是全球性價比最高的Amarone


食物配搭 :



Riondo Amarone is an elegant full-bodied wine with a complex bouquet of cinnamon, cherry jam and walnut and a palate of ripe black cherry fruit with notes of vanilla and coffee on the finish. It pairs perfectly with rich pasta dishes, game and grilled or stewed meat as well as mature cheeses.


Riondo Amarone Della Valpolicella 2017 x 6 bottles

SKU: IT043P6
  • This historical brand and origin of the name of the Company itself, is a tribute to Monte Riondo, a small, rounded hill located a short distance from the main headquarters of Cantine Riondo. Riondo is the main brand of the Company and is dedicated to DOC, full-bodied varietal wines from Veneto region.

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