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91-92 James Suckling, 90 Decanter, 90 Markus del Monego MW, 90 Vert de Vin, 88 Yves Beck

呈現出深紅⾊,帶有紫⾊的⾊調。具有豐富的⿊果⾹ 氣,如⿊莓、⿊加侖⼦和⿊櫻桃,還有⼀些較輕的⾹料 和橡⽊的味道。⼝感豐潤,帶有成熟的單寧和充⾜的酸 度。⿊⾊和紅⾊⽔果的味道,還有⼀些明顯的橡⽊和⾹ 料味。酒體豐滿、結構緊密,具有良好的平衡性和⻑久 的收結。

It has a deep red color with purple tones. It has a rich aroma of black fruit, such as blackberry, blackcurrant, and black cherry, with some lighter hints of spices and oak. The taste is full and rich, with mature tannins and sufficient acidity. The flavor includes both black and red fruit, as well as some noticeable oak and spice flavors. The wine has a full body, a tight structure, good balance, and a long-lasting finish.

Hubert De Boüard Vigneron Merlot 2020 X 12 Bottles

SKU: FR051P12
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