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As dedicated grape and sheep farmers we have deep respect for provenance, husbandry and craftmanship in food and wine. Straight from the farm, our Farm to Table Pinot Noir embodies our connection to the land and our enjoyment of it through quality food and wine.


A vibrant cherry red in colour, aromas of strawberries, cherry and spicy oak open up from the glass. The palate is young and bright with rich red fruits and silky tannins.


Fermented using wild yeast and matured for 6 months in new (75%) and old (25%) French oak.


With high quality grapes specially sourced from the Strathbogie Ranges, King Valley and Upper Goulbourn regions, this Pinot Noir has been carefully blended to be light and fresh and complement the softer texture and wholesome flavours of foods we enjoy every day.

Farm to Table Pinot Noir 2018

SKU: AU014