AOC Graves, Bordeaux


收穫時期精心挑選葡萄,在不銹鋼桶中進行經典發酵,在Allier橡木桶中陳釀12個月。 深紅色, 經典香氣顯示出成熟的紅色水果香氣和迷人的煙熏味。 口感圓潤,坦率而和諧,平衡感強,光潔度高。 它與紅肉搭配得很好


The Château Martin Rouge has a very good potential and the vinification is made in the respect of ancestral technics: Careful selection during the harvests, classic fermentation in stainless steel vats, ageing in Allier oak barrels during 9 to 12 months in an advanced technology cellar. 

Château Martin Rouge 2015

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