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葡萄種類:100% Barbera
酒精 : 14度
表現: 深邃的寶石紅色,帶有石榴石反射。濃郁的紅色水果香味,並勾出煙草香料、桉樹和木材等等的獨特香氣。入口可感到果味濃郁,凸顯了水果和可可香氣,餘味持久。適合搭配精心製作的紅肉和白肉主菜、亦可搭配新鮮和中年奶酪。



Grapes:100% Barbera
Alcohol : 14%vol 
Vintage: 2018
Region:Italy, Piemonte 
Serve at: 16-18° C 
Tasting Notes: Intense ruby ​​red, with garnet reflections On a good base of red fruits, notes of tobacco spice, eucalyptus and wood are outlined. Decisive and intense, with a persistent finish underlined by pleasant notes of fruit and cocoa. Ideal with elaborate first courses, second courses based on red and white meats, fresh and medium-aged cheeses.

Bersano Barbera Asti 2018 x 6 bottles

SKU: IT046P6
  • Bersano

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